Hello everyone,

We decided to put an end to the TW2-Tracker. Our accounts and IPs are permanently being targeted and denied access.

Continuing to run the project is doable, but asks too much of our time. Given the state of InnoGames and their products, we prefer to use our time to develop our next project.

Again, the Tracker doesn't collect private data, their statement was proven wrong just by publishing the Tracker as an open-source project. Anyone can look it up and check it out. You will notice that what the LCM said about the Tracker is bullshit.

We are being targeted for some reason, but sadly you guys pay the price as you won't have any tracker online for some time. We can only pray their statement holds some truth in it and you will have an official tracker coming up soon.

We don't wanna deal with their LCM anymore (we don't like incompetence) but you might want to. So feel free to do so by giving him your very own feedback directly to him: ricardo.vitoriano@innogames.com.

You might also wonder about Tokano, who has resigned from his position as Senior In-Game and Forum Moderator for TW2. He made his own statement about many of the things going on behind the scene:


It is always fun to see what the former members of the TW2 Team think of their supervisor.

And I feel safe telling you it seems Ricardo isn't the greatest lmao.

We are making our game, join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/DmNvBSRpmV

Anyway, we've decided to show you more about the game we started developing. Our game is called Medieval Storms. We have put lot of ideas together and we are proud of the game concept.

It's too early to give a release date, but we will be providing information on the games Discord server.

We wanted to also show you a few illustrations:

MedievalStorms Elements